Drug testing

We are the leading drug testing center in
We are an Alere eScreen® Approved Provider
These are the services we offer, one stop solution, look no more:
Urine DOT – Drug Testing
Pre-employment non-DOT Testing
Drug testing for court cases
Instant Drug Testing
Hair Drug Testing
Saliva drug testing

Get ready to accelerate testing with a paperless and consistent process.
Drug testing program for companies
Let us help you reduce time and money by implementing our electronic CCF and auto reporting software in your company.  Not only you will have instant access to results, but you will be saving money by doing so.  
We perform DOT and non-DOT urine drug tests with a seamless electronic custody and control form system.
Let us provide automated management and complete program consolidation of all of your collection needs. Through our electronic chain-of-custody model, you’ll receive a cutting-edge process including rapid screening and laboratory-based drug testing, Department of Transportation (DOT) testing, occupational health services, and more. Easy. Automated. Convenient. Simplify your screening program.
Our eScreen123® online test management system—with the electronic chain-of- custody forms—helps reduce cost and administrative functions by eliminating paper forms for drug testing events and occupational health services.
Automated and secure platform.
Electronic signatures are captured with the ePad® at the point of collection through the eScreen123 application. Signatures are then embedded in a PDF document with third-party validation, as well as a time stamp to ensure authenticity.

The ability of the donor/applicant to electronically sign the chain-of-custody provides a truly paperless process. Full images of each signed electronic chain-of-custody form are available to the employer and can be retrieved as needed.
Get ready to accelerate testing with a paperless and consistent process.

Discover the benefits of automation and the eCCF ® paperless drug test process.

eCCF highlights:
• Eliminates paper forms and storage for drug test events and many occupational health services
• Accelerates specimen collections and improves the donor experience
• Drives protocol compliance and minimizes data entry errors
• Ensures security in capture, validation, and storage of signatures
• Utilizes fully integrated MRO solutions
• Complements our managed random drug testing

Our patented and unique mCup
Manual testing cup offers the benefit of electronic results reporting
When the situation calls for manual instant testing, eScreen offers an easy-to-use solution: the mCup. This manually read device combines the same data-management benefits ts as the eCup® without the dependence on an eReader® system. Whether you require instant expanded panels or mobile, onsite collections, the mCup is the perfect solution.
Simple and easy to use
How does the mCup work? Once the donor provides the specimen and secures the cap, the collector checks to ensure the seal is tight and places the security tab over the lid. The collector then places the cup on a flat surface, inserts a special key into the cup and pushes it in place. The key enables the liquid to react with the testing strips. The collector then waits five minutes for the colored lines to appear and peels off the label to interpret the result. All non-negative specimens are forwarded, in the same test cup, to the laboratory for confirmation testing. Laboratory results are automatically integrated—with screening results—into results reports through MyeScreen.com.