We got this Idaho...The key to defeating the COVID-19 pandemic is early detection and prevention.  We provide accurate and reliable COVID testing without the need for referral for the general public.  We have two forms of testing: the serum antibody testing, and the virus saliva confirmation test.  No need for annoying swabs through the nose.  No pain easy process that can be done in the privacy of home or at your work facility, minimizing the risk of contact with other people at home or community.  This unique approach gives the opportunity of getting tested privately and confidential.  Results generally available within 72hr.  

We can perform mobile testing for companies, school systems, offices, hospitals, and nursing homes needing more than 20 people on site.  We can also ship your test to your facility to be performed individually by employees at home.

By appointment only!

Call us now for details or to schedule your testing appointment: 208-965-2262